Friday, 19 July 2013

Getting down to Business.

This past week felt as if we were able to finally get down to the business
of making pots again.
These shallow Pancheons seem to sell well in all this sunshine
and we have two more out of the kiln
on Saturday morning.
 Harvest jugs with green slip.
 and a nice visit form a blogger Ian Feltham & his wife 
it's always nice to see people that read the blog
and have more of an idea of what I'm up to than I do.
 Marion setting up the school for an all day session
last Saturday.
 and Cadbury watching the biscuits being put on a plate.
 I finally go around to making these pie funnels
for an order placed back in May!
 Sometimes a bag of clay feels just right to make
my Salt pigs.
It has to be very firm to enable me to get the shape I like.
 We also turned around an order from Berlin
for 30 more Ramekins in about 10 days,
Once I had thrown the pots Marion turns and slips them.
 The workshop is a great space but it's still not set up right
if I find time this weekend I'll make some changes.
 The great weather is a great chance to catch up by drying pots
quickly in the sun. 
 We have been firing the kiln in all the heat
 Here is Marion turning the pots made by the class on Saturday.
 and the workshop in the evening during our 
Monday night evening class.
 The sun comes around and caddy takes full advantage.
 Mike Dodd dropped this pot off
as some young chap came to take photos of it for
Somerset Art Weeks
which we are not taking part in this year,
we wanted to make sure we were all set up and because
of the move and the timing of booking up to be in the event
we weren't sure what to do, so we decided not
to put ourselves under extra pressure.
But the pot is still in our showroom if you want to come and have a look.
 I just spotted this practice swipe of white slip
when I used the batt for something else.
 I really do believe that Marion's small dishes
are getting better and better.
They have the simplicity I like but with a contemporary feel.
 It's been so hot we have kept one of barn doors closed all day
just to keep the sun out!
 Flowers in the showroom.
 This was the temperature in the workshop
at 9am this morning.
I think we may just have to visit the local Pub tonight
just to chill out a bit.
We have continued to work hard this week in very warm
temperatures as we try hard to get more stock in the showroom.

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Anna M. Branner said...

It seems to be crazy hot everywhere this summer! And it is so true that it takes working in the new space for a bit before knowing for sure where everything goes. I need to do some rearranging myself...

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