Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer 2013 at Barrington Pottery

Yes I said Summer!
We have been dealing with some very nice hot weather
no complaints
Just be gratful.
This is the temperature gauge in the workshop
that I thought was stuck at 8 oc
Obviously not.
 So speeding up drying time in the sun has been a real treat.
 We decided to offer our customers
some chilled water in the showroom, It's the sort of thing
small businesses can do
and bigger one's wouldn't even think about.
 I called ourselves a small business not just potters
Because we are a Business that is growing.
This is the range of pots we are making for
The National Trust Property at Coleridge Cottage.
 and while we sort out the finer details for this
the Sun is shining in our showroom
 I've been working in the evenings on sorting out the 
showroom, I've added one of Laura's posters
to keep it safe while she is in Russia.
 And I never get time to play darts any more
so I've put the board up in a place that will stop
me even trying.
 Marion knocked down the wedging bench in the school room
it took me a whole day to build it,
It took Marion 10 mins to knock it down!
so we had some space for some comfy chairs,
I joined the web site Freecycle
where people give away stuff they no longer want
and hey presto
the first day I looked someone was giving away two arm chairs
that were just perfect.
Well I say perfect!,
 they are 30 years old and Knackerd, but with a couple
of old throws they should do the job.
 Marion started the play with clay in the school on Thursday
This Pirate ship was one of the creations.
 and these kids got to watch me throwing on the wheel
in what looks like a rather messy workshop,
I've tided up since then.
 These new single sized casserole dishes have come out of the kiln
and will be added to the National Trust online shop
next week.
 We also started our new Baby imprints service with further details
being added to our web site when I get a free moment.
And finally we had our gift tags featured in a style magazine
this week. the funny thing was that it said they 
were made by Paul Jessop in his Shed

We sat in the garden one evening while we were trying to design some new pots
We had a jug of Pimms with us and the sun was shining,
needless to say,
we came up with some cracking Ideas
and I managed to write them down.
so look out for some of our new ideas
designed at Pimms O'clock

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smartcat said...

It looks like ideal summer time. The gift tags are a great idea!

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