Thursday, 8 August 2013

5 Years on and not a pot in sight.

Today marks 5 years since Marion & I
 were made redundant!
Yesterday was the day My Balloon ride
that Marion bought as a 50th Birthday present
finally took off
I'm 51 now!
Having inspected the basket I was apprehensive but excited. 

These Balloons are Huge!

I helped as much as I was allowed with setting it up.

I was right next to the pilot, well you can't really
 be anywhere else in one of these baskets.

 This is looking up at the top of the conopy.
 I absolutely loved it the views were fantastic, and I just loved 
looking down at the fields, with all the detail 
you can't see from the ground
 The sun came out
 we went up to just under 5000 feet
 and the sun was setting as we looked for a suitable landing site.
 we were able to watch deer running in fields.
 This is a close up of a wheat field from above
it looked like a giant woolen jumper.
 we had a perfect landing in a field
what a great way to end the day.
so How do we top that next Year.

Well next year on the 8th August 2014
We get Married !
I can't wait.


Hannah said...

Oh oh oh date set! How exciting! hx

Paul Jessop said...

Yep Church is Booked!

Anna M. Branner said...

What a great way to celebrate 50...even if you did wait until you were 51! Exciting that plans are started for the next celebration!

Dennis Allen said...

MARRIED!!! But you kids are so young. Are you sure you're ready?

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