Sunday, 18 August 2013

Busy @Barrington Pottery Summer 2013

With the holiday season in full swing
we are finding that we are getting more visitors in the showroom
This has an obvious up side in increased sales
but the down side means I'm spending
more time talking to customers
and less time making.
This knock on effect is proving to be good for us
in a number of ways.
If we are ever going to be able to buy a bigger kiln
we need to start saving money. So less pots made in the day
means the only way to keep up is to start working in the evenings
even more often than I usually do.
 This has the double effect of catching up on a days lost production
and keeping us out of the pub!
So we get to save some money and I've started to
finally lose a bit of weight
 ( still a long way to go).
 The new school Room has been buzzing every day
with Marion's Play with Clay
On every day in the Summer holiday's
(Except Wednesday's)
from 11am - 4pm
only £2.00 per prson
 Marion is letting the kids make what ever they want!
This is a Minefield
and so is This !!
 This was how I got started
I used to love just messing around with mud and water 
as a kid.
 So The stock levels are keeping up at the moment. 
 and I've made another large bowl
that is in the kiln now
Out Monday !
 I've been down to one kiln for a few weeks while I ordered
a new set of elements for the bottom half
of my number one kiln.
I fitted them myself and I'm chuffed at the fact that I think i've
done a very neat job this time, thanks to 
a bit of advice from the technical guys 
at Potterycrafts.

Back firing on all Cylinders.
Building up stock for the River Cottage Autumn Fair
7th & 8th September 2013
Tickets are still available from the link below

We look forward to seeing you there
I'd better get on and make that Pancheon a lady has ordered
and is going to collect from me at the show.


Dennis Allen said...

Wow does your new place look great awash with all that warm light.

smartcat said...

That photo of the studio lit up at night looks inviting and mysterious. It looks like there must be pottery elves at just hard working potters!

So very happy for both of you that the summer is going's to a wish for the new kiln to happen soon!

Paul Jessop said...

Thanks Guys really appreciated.

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