Monday, 19 August 2013

New Pots in the showroom at Barrington Pottery.

Two Blogs in one week
What's going on?
We have new pots out of the kiln on a Monday morning
the sun is shining, I'm on top of most of my orders
The Barrington Boar Wine coolers are next on the list!

But first we have this new large dish fresh from the kiln
it's 16.5" wide and is not our normal style.
Thrown by me and decorated by Marion.

This water jug is a new design, inspired by some mugs I made
for our neighbor Pat.

This large Cassoulet dish is 13.5" wide
and will me great for family meals. 
We also have one of our Live Simply bowls. 
a range of baking or serving dishes priced at only £20 each.

These are one of my favorite Jugs to make and decorate. 
This is a nice Jug made for an order. 
With names for a wedding on the front and these doves on the back. 
We also have new work by Malcolm Shepherd in the showroom. 
 Malcolm's work proved very popular the last time we had
it in the workshop.
and if you prefer your pottery
fired a little higher
we have some new work by Andrew Douglas
in the showroom.

So we have lots of choice, so now's the time to pay us a visit.
and don't forget
Play with clay!

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