Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Play with Clay @ Barrington Pottery Summer 2013

Well what a start!
over the past 6 weeks Marion has been running
Play with clay
in the new school area of the workshop.
This had been months in the planning with lots
of unseen work in the background by Marion to promote the event
it ran every day except Wednesday
11am - 4pm.
It was on the National Trust web site and a few others
with posters and flyers sent out to local schools before they
shut for the summer break.
 We used air drying clay
so that kids could take home their creations
and paint them when dry.
 Most were Happy!
 Nessy for a simple idea.
 The new room seemed to work a treat
with some comfy chairs for the many
grandparents that were looking after kids.
 and plenty of room for kids to get involved.
 We were even provided with entertainment 
when Koby and Archie spent the day with us.
 Some got stuck right in
 It was amazing to hear how quiet a room full of kids was
when they were all being creative.
 Making things such as this.
 and this pencil holder.
 Animals of all shapes and sizes.
 Even a crocodile with a fish in it's mouth!
 and we finished of with this little chap
very happy with his afternoons work.
Over 800 kids in total
Marion is now lying down in a dark room
for the next month.
If only she could
were off to The River Cottage Autumn Fair this weekend.
so the workshop and showroom at
Barrington Court will be closed 
 Sat 7th & Sun 8th September.

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smartcat said...

Kuddos on success! How terrific to have an idea, bring it to fruition and succeed!

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