So whats been going on @ Barrington Pottery

It's been a while since I last posted a Blog
almost a Month.
We have been very busy, and I'm not sure where the time has gone?
But since I last posted a number of things have happened.
So here is a brief update on where we are at!
In the showroom I built a new table from old scaffolding planks.
We have a friend in the Village that owns a scaffolding company
so I asked him one Sunday night in the pub
" what do you do with old planks you no longer use?"
He said he would get some of his lads to drop some down to us
when they were next in the area.
All I did was put it together and sand it down afterwards
Just Perfect!

We have also made some more pots for a medieval style film being made by
20th Century Fox.
Being filmed in Cardiff at the moment.

The new Large kiln means I can fire lots more Pancheons
at any one time.

Here is one of the new finished pancheons out of the new kiln.
and I've re subscribed to Ceramic Review!

I still am amazed as to just how many pots I can fit into the 
New Kiln.
It's still firing hot at the bottom but I'll sort that.

I've been extremely busy making pots 
this is a Sunrise when I turned up at the workshop one morning.

I'm sure I will soon work out the best way to get 
the most out of the kiln.
It's taking much longer to load a glaze firing
but it's also taking an extra half a day to cool down.

We are now on St Mary's Church Key rota
and we have had our first two weeks.
I love opening it up in the morning and closing it up at night
it just gives you a bit of time to appreciate
it on your own. and capture some of the sunlight.

These Cereal bowls were fired at the very bottom of the kiln
you can see they are much darker.
But all the dark ones sold first!

A Bit higher up the kiln our Honey glaze looks great

and this ramakin is what the bowls above should have looked like.
Here  we have some new Pancheons 
on my new showroom table.
We  have supplies two new shops
one in west bay called the Lobster in the Cupboard
and one in Lyme Regis called Found ( Ryder & Hicks ).
and then we set off to Scotland for Doug & Hannah's Wedding
we went Via the Lake district 
Strange to see Snow on the hills in May! 
But it all went brilliant!
One of the few shots that was taken of us both.
Now we are making pots for 
The River Cottage Spring Fair.
See you soon.


Barbara Rogers said…
Great "catch up."
Anna M. Branner said…
Busy, busy, busy! Glad you were able to make time to pop up for the wedding!

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