Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Barrington Pottery New Web Site is Launched August 2015

This major revamp of our web site
is the third since it was launched in 2008.
Such is the pace of developments in technology
 and most importantly peoples viewing habits that have
changed dramatically over the past few years.
So we have introduced a new format web site
that makes our site more mobile and tablet friendly.
we are still adding new products at the moment so keep checking back in.
here is the link.

and if your looking for a web site designer 
here is a link to Sam at EDSA who we have used right from the start.
Great job yet again Sam,
 must be time for another Sunday Roast!

Here at Barrington Pottery we love working with  food writers
and bloggers, especially the ones that just love our pots
and the way we do things here in our Pottery inSomerset.
here is a link to a feature about one of our friends
Regula Ysewijn
 that's available on line at the Guardian and also going to be featured
in the paper this weekend
Regula has taken a fantastic picture of our pots in use.
it looks like an old Master's Painting
Here is the link to the article about Regula Ysewijn

I'm so excited about having our pots shown in this way
and this is such a good picture.


John Webb said...

Very fine - I look forward to more pots and posts without stops! Splann.

Lori Buff said...

It looks great. Good job.

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