Monday, 21 September 2015

Dismaland & Beyond

This Crazy life still has it's moments of peace and calm.
Whilst walking Caddy in the morning our local
countryside continues to inspire me.
Not just inspire
but make me stop in my tracks and just look at it.
The light changes so quickly when the sun is coming up.
we set off to

 earlier in the month.
It's the furthest North we go in our round of shows and events.
the journey should take about 4 hours
it took us 6 to get there.
We set up our stall to look as casual as we could.
The whole show is very relaxed and has a great feel about it.

We had a Brilliant first day with sales far exceeding our expectations.
Bu we never seem to get two days the same
and so it proved
Sundays customers although very nice, just didn't buy from us.
it was nice to see some of the other stalls doing well
they must have wondered what we were doing on day one.
we had also booked a B and B which was a first for us.
it proved to be the icing on the cake. 

This chap didn't sell it's still in our workshop
priced at £45.

I'm keen to pass on as many tips as I can to other potters
so here are two shots of a biscuit firing that I wanted to get this 12" tall
jug into, but didn't have the space.
so I laid it on it's side so it would fit in.

Last week we were able to visit the Bemusement Park

It really was So Bad it was Brilliant!
in other News
I delivered the final part of my 300 pot order
for the National Trust.

That was a good feeling.


smartcat said...

Busy days, busy potters! You certainly do get around; I'm just sorry that the second day was a bust.
I'm just a bit envious that you got to visit Dismaland!

Anna M. Branner said...

I was so glad you posted the Dismaland pictures on FB. I had never heard of the place!

And I know what you meant about two days shows. It seems I always sell less then half the second day then the first...If the first is great then that is not so bad. :)

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