31 Day's of Madness at Barrington Pottery October 2015

We decided some time ago that when our new web site
is up and running we would offer an online promotion.
What we hadn't banked on was all three kilns failing in one week!
Never Mind we soldier on
and our offer still stands.
In October 2015 we are offering free post and packing on all orders
placed for UK mainland delivery.
Just to emphasize this I've added some of our 
more bizzare pictures.
we do now actually have a log burner!

The above illustration is far to familiar to most of us.

Just to prove that pottery is some times just a bit to easy!

We Got to meet and talk to Prince Charles!

I may have had a Beer or two, or threee, or Fourrr.

and then we found the secret to life and all was well again.

well we thought so!

what kind of dam fool potter puts a sign like this in his showroom?

It had to be done! 

Then This happens

and to start to question your sanity.

I know this barn would make a great pottery!

and so it did. 

So to prove we are not as mad as we seem to be
Park up your speed boat

Put your feet up
and order those Christmas presents early at 


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