Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Barrington Pottery Mugs now showing in Japan!

Tomorrow see's the start of a new exhibition
in the Gallery st Ives in Japan.
It's only a small exhibition
but You can see some of the other potters
on the flyer and I was very pleased to be included.
This is the first time my pots have been seen in Japan
and I hope they are well received.

You can check out the gallery here.

I have already been asked to supply some more pots at the start of 2016
and I'm already making some new pots with this in mind.
My aim is to be able to make a visit to Japan with Marion at 
some point in the not so distant future.

If you have been following us on Facebook you would know that over the past
month we have been having Kiln problems
on a Giant scale!

at one point all three of our kilns had failed.
We had to wait for our kiln engineer to be able
to fit us in.
The big kiln I brought earlier this year
needed a new controller, sounds easy enough
but it is a 24 year old kiln and so it needed
to have a more up to date socket added.
which is something I couldn't do.
We finally fired it during the day so that I could watch it.
It is still hotter at the base than the top
but I can manage that to my advantage.
as they say 
" if it was easy everyone would be doing it"!.

So it feels like a bit of relief  that we are now able
to get back to full production, The showroom had very 
few pots left in it and we had very little to sell.
so Finances have become very tight at the moment.
Lets hope we get on top of the stock issues over the next few weeks.
and we have a good run up to Christmas.
Today we delivered some sample pots
to the National Trust for the new Spring collection.
and we have two boxes of pots to ship to Berlin
before the end of the week.
I still find it hard to believe that all this is happening.

 Time for a Crumpet.

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