Sunday, 8 November 2015

Pottery on National TV BBC2

It's Sunday afternoon and I've just got back from the workshop.
I've had a good day today.
I've been making Pancheon's and Shallow Pancheon's

at the end of the day I decided to make a pot, just because I wanted
to make it.
When I'm at the wheel I always see other pots I want to make
and so today I just got on and made it.
It's 44cm wide and will have two large handles.

I'm very pleased to say that I have finally got to grips
with the big kiln, that was firing too hot at the bottom.
It means I can't just fire it over night, I have to be with it
to adjust the damper and the spy hole bungs. But I must admit
I do like firing it while I'm in the workshop.

My Harvest jugs are all now completed, I had kept them out of the kiln
until I was sure I could fire them OK.

and I've done a few Autumnal shots of pots in the showroom.

I love it when the afternoon sun starts flooding through the workshop
windows, so to make the most of it I cleaned them today.

 This week has seen the start of a New TV show on BBC2 about Pottery
They have called it the #greatpotterythrowdown.
There has been a lot said about it before it started, and a fair few
comments now it has started.
My View is plain and simple.
"Pottery is on National television and people are talking about it
that can only be a good thing".
This country has some very talented potters and I love being apart
of this vibrant and creative community. 

I make simple honest pottery and I'm proud to do so.
I'm self taught and haven't been on a degree course,
but that hasn't stopped me believing in my creative ideas.
the wording on these bowls pretty much
sums up the way I like to approach life.

The results from the last Glaze firing made me realise
that I have finally got to grips with the bigger kiln.

 I've added a few extra workshop shots, these
are Handles firming up before being fixed to the pots.
 and these are some new Casseroles I'm working on.
 This Honey pot is in the showroom at £30
I'm surprised it's still there!
 One of Our classic Pancheons glazed and ready for bread making.

Here is our old Gas kiln in the back garden
I'm hoping to fire it up again next year.

 I love the simple pleasures of being a potter, especially in the 
new workshop.
I love the way the sunlight catches and dances around the edges
of these large cups.
 I was very pleased to get the last batch of leaf resist jugs finished
and off to their new homes.
Time for a Beer down the local pub
The Barrington Boar.
have a great week and I'll catch up soon.


Dennis Allen said...

As I go through a bag of clay and get down to the last 10 lbs I often ask myself "Do I want to make 10 pots or one pot?"

Lori Buff said...

I saw the Great Pottery Throw Down on Carole Epps blog, It was pretty fun to watch.

Cat's Ceramics said...

I feel very similar to you about the pottery TV program. I am watching to see what I will learn but I don't really like TV anymore. Your leaf resist jugs are absolutely stunning!

Paul Jessop said...

Thank You Cat's Ceramics, that's very kind.
Lori, I've seen the second one now and as I'm sure is true of most
new program's they are starting to settle in to the roles and I'm sure
it's only going to get better and better.

Paul Jessop said...

I'm very pleased to say that I've got to meet and Know Tom from the show
he's such a nice man.

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