Monday, 18 April 2016

Gallery -St-Ives- Japan - Great Slipware Show 2016

I'm so Excited that my pots are going to be included
in this Exhibition in Japan.
It all started back in July 2015 when I had my first stall
at Art in Clay - Hatfield House
I was also the very first Demonstration of the show
"Your first 10,000 pots are your worst."
It was about singing the prasise of the art of production throwing,
I was trying to convey to Gallery owners that just because you make pots
in large batches dosn't mean they are poor pots,
in fact it can be just the opposite, 
When you are at the wheel and your making pots from the same weight of clay
you build up a rhythm and the pots just start to flow,
just as a tune flows from a song writer
or a book flows from an authour. The difference with pots is
that each pot will have it's own life and tactile quality
that is unique to that pot.
What I hadn't noticed was that a representative of the Gallery
was in the audience and came to my stall later that morning.

Our Hatfield show had been our best ever show and I came away on such a high.
The initial contact was followed up with emails and a request from Koi
the gallery owner for some mugs for a show in October
with a view to possibly supplying the show for 2016.

Then In November last Year whilst on a visit to the UK
Koi & Rumi came to visit us at the workshop to choose
the pots he wanted for the show.

Here is a PDF link to the show catalouge.

                      Great Slipware Show 2016

                                   Sat, 23rd April- Sun, 8th May 2016 
                      Venue: Gallery St. Ives

              The second 'Great Slipware Show' is taking place following its           successful first show held in 2012.

The potters taking part in are:

Dylan Bowen (Oxford, UK)
Prue Cooper (London, UK)
Patia Davis (Herefordshire, UK)
Paul Jessop (Somerset, UK)
Niek Hoogland (Netherlands)

I couldn't believe it when in the middle of making my pots for the show
I fell ill and found myself sat in Hospital.
I got Marion to bring me in some pens and paper so I could make notes and drawings
But I'd never been in Hospital before
and the whole experience took my mind well away from thoughts of pots.
 But luckily I wasn't in Hospital for long and when I was back home I was
able to concentrate the mind of the pots needed for the show.
Some had been made towards the end of last year and been put aside.

But when I got back on the wheel it was a great feeling of relief 
and I feel as if I have a more focused approach to my work now.
I feel that each pot I make now has to make it's mark on the world.
It has to be a pot I'm proud to put my stamp on.
I managed to get all the pots finished and shipped out on time.
I'm sure many of you will know how good that feels.
and I'm very pleased with them
I feel as though I've sent pots that I can be proud of 
Pots that I would offer up to customers as good examples of my work.

I'm a self taught potter with my own sense of what what is good and bad about a pot.

Obviously I'm influenced by the whole Leach, Hamada, St Ives vibe
and if I were to pick one particular Potter it would of course be 
Michael Cardew.
This large jug is my most recent work and will be coming to 
Earth & Fire at Rufford Abbey this year in June.
By then I'll have an idea as to how my pots have been received in Japan.
If they sell well we would love to visit and even do some demonstrations
that would be a dream come true.
As I've been putting this blog together I hear news of more earthquakes
in southern Japan.
Our thoughts go out to all of the people in Japan that have been affected
and we wish you well.

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