Monday, 27 March 2017

The Pottery Throw Down has been inspiring people!

I recently reached the point with our last order when all I could do
was wait for the kiln to cool down.
Which gave me the chance to clean down the workshop and sort out my
throwing batts.
It's always nice to get ready for a new start.
 Marion does all of the packaging, she enjoys making sure they 
will survive their journey.
 It's a lot of packing most pots are 4 to a box and this time we delivered 
170 boxes !

We are so lucky that we can work well as a team 
we certainly put the hours in when it's necessary .

And our good friends Martin and Wendy lend us one of their vans.

some of our other friends send us pictures of our pots on display 
at National Trust properties.
So it's time to start making more stock for the showroom and building 
up pots for our three big shows this year.

I saw this and thought how simple is that ?

And here is something I was taught when I was in sales 
in  sales talk they basically say
your only as good as your last sale!
in pottery terms your only as good
as your last pot!

I put this one in because since the Pottery Throw Down 
has been on the television I've had a number of people telling me 
they want to be potters, and this would be a part of my advice.

I would add that you do actually need some talent !

I am pleased to report that we are sticking to our plans 
for playing as hard as we work ! 

mixed with a little R & R

and the odd afternoon tea.

 I liked this! 
and the two Pancheons in this picture should be in
New York  by lunchtime .


Anonymous said...

So great to see you success! It inspires us all!

smartcat said...

Love the words of wisdom!
It's always a joy to see what you are doing.

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