Monday, 8 May 2017

Time to start planning for the show season.

Show Time is fast approaching
it's that time of year when you have to think about how you
want to present yourself to the world!
The great thing about doing shows is that people get to discover
 you for the first time and I love that.
and existing customers that follow you on social media
get to meet you and get their hands on pots they have watched being
 developed over the previous months.
This year we are doing three shows the first of which is 
Earth & Fire

It's at a new venue this year so that should be interesting
it's at the Harley Gallery and grounds
  S80 3LW
I have checked on the map and it's about 20 mins from the Rufford Abbey site.
I am also Demonstrating on the Sunday a 12 Noon
My title is 
" Sane people quit".

Last year we took more decorated pots than ever before
but we had a poor show.

So this year we are sticking to our plain and simple ranges
making sure we take plenty of pie dishes and ramekins.
pancheons are still one of my signature pieces.

We are still making time for ourselves out of the Pottery.

We took time out to visit 
Agatha Christie's house, which we both absolutely adored. 

But that hasn't stopped me making some new pots with more decoration
as they seem to be selling well in the showroom.

These little jugs are a joy to make.
I have just made another 12 and a new batch of black slip
so I'm looking forward to showing you those.
I'm not sure why, but this Year more than any other, people are telling me that
they love my pots, I'm not complaining in fact it's quite
a boost to the soul.
This 14" bowl seems to have created quiet a strong reaction
it's  just the Simplicity !
strange then that with the Old English White
doing so well that I am so excited about my new black pots.
let's hope you like them.
If you come to one of the shows
Please come and say Hello!


smartcat said...

This is definitely on my bucket list!
The photos make me want to hold those pot s!

Graham Pullen said...

As a 48(nearly) years old guy who has just started on a very long path to Pottery, you are an inspiration.

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