Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Pottery Show season is in full swing 2017

Apologies for the long gap between blog posts 
the keyboard on my blog laptop decided it would give up,
my P's & T's had ground to a halt, which made for some
interesting reading if you didn't check it !
I thought I would start with a few work in progress pics.
I'm still not happy with my little Tea Pots
but they will happen!

 Our Cottage is looking good this summer 

We both loved this Harvest jug
It inspired us to try some small ones
These little chaps were thrown using 2lbs of clay
I really enjoyed throwing the full bellied shape
I then handed them over to Marion to work her magic 
on the design 

We were both pleased with the outcome 
and are planning more.

Even if it does go against the grain, it's nice to work 
on pots together. 
Of course you always need a little down time 
and since it's almost a year since we lost Cadbury 
we never miss a chance to meet other peoples dogs.

 Barrington Village held a very successful open Gardens event 
in July
and in the evening I got chatting to Mr Robin Wild,
( he's he second chap)
 who it turned out went to Chelsea school of Art
with Seth Cardew and they were great friends.
 We went into full Country mode for our stall at 
Earth and Fire.
I even borrowed a piece of trellis from the garden centre 
as I couldn't fit it in the car!

 We took a weeks Holiday in the sun in Portugal 
and then we were straight back in it.

 The showroom has plenty of stock
and we are making pots for Art in Clay
it's at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire 
and we would love to see You!

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