Wednesday, 14 October 2009

New Slipware Harvest Jugs.

I made a new batch of glaze up this week.
but when I was about to glaze a kiln full of pots, I felt that the
new batch was to thin.
So I decided to let it settle overnight
and skim some of the water off the next morning.
I'm glad I did because this thicker glaze came out a treat.
This is a simple sgraffito design.
and leaf resist

with words from the Eva Cassidy song.
and this very bold Horse Chestnut Leaf resist.

and a new design cooking / serving dish.
I love making the Harvest jugs, I'm going to try and make more but with the
fatter belly, to match my own.


Anonymous said...

beautiful jugs paul... i'm partial to horse chestnuts so i think that's my fave.

Ron said...

Hi Paul. Good to catch up here finally. Pots look great. I know you're excited about expanding into that new space too. Wow it's gonna be a treat. Maybe you should make a clay woman too. ?

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

These pieces are so beautiful. I love the leaves and the quote. Just lovely.
I can only hope that one day my glaze will come out of the kiln as flawless as yours. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I love your work. I wish I was closer to buy a Autumn jug!

tonya fedders said...

Your work is beautiful! i enjoy your blog and seeing your work. I'm inspired to try slipware now!

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